If you are concerned about your pet's behaviour or are interested in training new skills or behaviours – 
you have come to the right place.
I am a qualified, accredited and insured behaviour consultant and trainer, helping dog and cat owners in the home counties and North London, providing …

  • A behaviour referral service for veterinary practices

  • Behaviour consults for dogs

  • Behaviour consults for cats

  • Puppy life skills & training home visits

  • Adult dog life skills & training home visits

  • Life skills classes for puppies & adult dogs

I am a strong advocate for science based, humane training methods, helping pets and owners to understand one another and build partnerships based on co-operation and trust.



Kay and Texas
"Texas has suffered with various health issues during his 7 years, including a slipped disc and arthritis. From a happy young dog, his behaviour changed. Growling at strangers and other dogs, he then started snapping at his sister and myself. I was very worried. Our vet gave him the all-clear and suggested that he was demonstrating dominant behaviours, so I contacted Helen. Critically, she quickly identified pain as the root cause.

Having dealt with managing his pain, we were still left with a scared and unhappy dog. Helen has been great at helping us understand Texas. We can now see how the various memories of his pain have affected him. Using her techniques of reward training, Texas is very much improved. We still have work to do, but follow up calls with Helen have been invaluable. Thank you Helen. I am so very pleased that we sought your help."


Zena, Suzi and Poppy
"We got Poppy at 3 months old, never had a puppy before always had cats, so this was a new experience for us.  We wanted help with toilet training and ideas on helping the dog with the cats, Helen was ideal as she was local and trained with dogs and cats.  We read puppy training books but it didn't compete with a one to one session personally tailored to your own dog and situation.  Helens approach was very friendly, patient and she gave us some good tips that were easy to follow to get us off on a good footing.  Poppy really enjoyed her training and still does and learnt quickly, she is now 9 months old and fully house trained.  She also gets on very well with the two cats in fact the more nervous of the cats had a nice wash around the ears from Poppy, and Poppy and the two cats also enjoy their night time stroll round the block together  before bed which amuses the neighbours."


Antonia and Lizzie
"You will be pleased to know that thanks to you, Lizzie’s training is going very well!  She completely understands her recall cue (associates with treat!) and now comes back all the time – we practice a little bit every day and she just loves it!  She was nearly perfect at the dog agility and everyone commented on the improvement in her behaviour!  I got a bit entangled with the training lead so we practice without a lead in places where she cannot run away too far !  So we will carry on and once again thank you for your invaluable help!"


Julie and Poppy
"Helen helped us with Poppy our rescue puppy who was only about 7 weeks old when we adopted her, she had no bite control and a low frustration level, which resulted in manic biting behaviour.  Poppy was our first dog and we were really struggling to cope with the biting.  Helen showed us how to use positive reward based training and most importantly she taught us to see things from Poppy’s point of view, as we needed training as much as the puppy!  The one-to-one sessions were great fun and the whole family got involved in learning the exercises that not only made sense but proved so effective.  Helen’s gentle approach worked wonders and after only two sessions her excellent advice and guidance had transformed Poppy’s behaviour."   


Melanie and Mindy
"When we rescued Mindy, an 8 year old border collie from a dysfunctional home, we imagined that just giving her a stable, loving home would be enough.  However, we hadn't realised that she would be suffering from severe anxiety because of her background and how it would affect her behaviour.  Helen helped us understand Mindy which was absolutely fundamental to helping her relax, develop and blossom into a very happy dog.  There have been many ups and downs and Helen has been there along the way.  The post consultation support has been invaluable, especially at the times when we felt we were going backwards and were losing hope!  It's taken a lot of patience but one year on we are so happy with what we've all achieved.  Everyone remarks on Mind's transformation.  We could not have done it without Helen's help.  Thank you!!!"